General Waste Collection Melbourne


Do you need general waste removal service in Melbourne? General waste often makes up the bulk of a home’s or business’s waste output. Providing wheelie bins and arranging visits at regular intervals, WaaRec can offer general waste removal services that are tailored to your specific requirements. From small 240-litre wheelie bins to large 1100-litre options, we have something to keep your general waste and rubbish contained.

Our waste removal team is our biggest asset and will always go the extra mile to meet your waste disposal needs. We are fully trained and comply with EPA regulations, and health & safety requirements to make sure that you and your premises are safe from harm. Our staff members will be discrete and carry out their job without disrupting your routine.

Manage the waste generated by your business with our reliable, secure and cost-effective wheelie bin hire and waste collection services. Despite best efforts, businesses generate a lot of waste. However, waste removal doesn’t have to be a tedious job. With extensive experience, the expert team at WaaRec work with you to deliver efficient waste management service that is tailored to your exact needs.

Wheelie Bins In Different Sizes:

We offer wheelie bins for hire in a variety of sizes, ranging from 240 litres to 1100 litres. We can also arrange the waste collection service as per your requirement – maybe daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you need any help in choosing the right wheelie bin for your business, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to help you decide which size bin would accommodate the waste generated by your business.

Let’s Create Value For You!

As a business, you have a legal requirement to make sure that all your waste is being disposed of correctly. With WaaRec, you can rest assured that your business waste will always be treated and disposed of in compliance with your council’s rules and regulations. Our staff members work with you to ensure that you segregate as much of your waste as possible. Though general waste cannot be recycled, we will deal with it in a compliant way and do whatever we can to reduce its impact on the environment.

What’s The Right Bin Size For Your Business, And How Often Should Your Waste Be Collected?

Businesses such as corporate offices, retail premises, healthcare facilities, food manufacturing companies and educational institutions produce a lot of waste. With our experience in the waste management industry, we have come up with a guide that gives you an idea on the right bin size and suitable frequency of waste collection for your business.

Business Category Weekly Waste (m³) Bins
Accommodations / Cafes / Restaurants 4,554 1-2 x 240 Litre Bins Weekly
Agriculture 4,629 1-2 x 240 Litre Bins Weekly
Cultural & Recreation 6,396 1-2 x 240 Litre Bins Weekly
1 x 660 Litre Bins Fortnightly
Education 16,813 1 x 660 Litre Bins Weekly
Health & Community Services 7,556 1-2 x 240 Litre Bins Weekly
Manufacturing 120,081 3 x 1100 Litre Bins Weekly
Offices 81,783 3-6 x 240 Litre Bins Weekly
1-2 x 660 Litre Bins Weekly
Personal Services 1,247 1 x 240 Litre Bin Weekly
Retail Trade 10,191 1-2 x 240 Litre Bins Weekly
Wholesale Trade 30,382 1 x 1100 Litre Bin Weekly

DO and Don't General Waste

We Put The Environment First

By providing general waste removal in Melbourne, we play a vital role in protecting the environment. We will collect the waste and transport them to an approved landfill in a safe manner, and thereby reducing our own carbon footprint and protecting the environment.

On The Collection Day…

We would like you to place your bins kerbside by 5pm the day before your collection day. As our waste collection service is available even on public holidays, we recommend you to place the bin kerbside at the insisted time the day prior to your collection day and leave them out. We will come to your place, load the waste onto our vehicle and dispose of them in compliance with the legal requirements.

Do you like to get started with our general waste collection service? Call 1300 922 732 and let us know about your waste removal needs today!

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