About WaaRec

NO WASTE FROM WASTE is our motto.

WaaRec, a prominent waste management company in Melbourne, providing comprehensive waste management solution that involves collection, transportation, sorting, treatment and disposal of waste at great prices. We work with commercial, industrial and residential customers across Melbourne and beyond, helping them to efficiently manage their waste and creating a clean environment.

On-Demand And On-Time Waste Disposal Service

At WaaRec, we believe that every customer deserves a personalised waste management solution that is more than just picking up the Waste. Our staff members will audit the quantity and type of your waste and provide excellent waste management and recycling options, meeting your specific requirements. Our professional approach and commitment allow us to service our customers in a manner exceeding industry standards and complying legal requirements.

Whether you need emergency service or want us to collect your trash at a specific time interval, we go above and beyond to execute every possible request in a timely fashion. We treat every call as a priority and strictly adhere to the agreed-upon schedule for collecting your waste.

Why Choose WaaRec?

  • We adopt a customer-oriented approach and provide customised solutions
  • No hidden cost and you never pay for more than you need
  • We help you achieve quantifiable results with hands-on solutions
  • We are very mindful about complying with changing environmental regulations
  • We have bins in various sizes that can be useful in dumping your waste


Customer Focused and Professional Approach

We follow a customer-focussed and professional approach to your waste management requirements. Our staff members will listen to your waste disposal needs and carry out on-site waste evaluation to identify the best solution for you in compliance with state regulations.

To maintain a high standard of service and ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we continue to invest in training and state of the art equipment, which is paramount in establishing long term relationship with our customers and delivering the best possible waste management solution.

Our commitment and professionalism to providing the best waste management solution is second to none. So, don’t hesitate to choose WaaRec as your waste management partner!

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