Bin Sizes

We can supply a wide range of wheelie bin sizes to suit your needs.

We offer a range of wheelie bins to suit your business needs. These wheelie bins are suitable for offices, restaurants, shops, houses, apartments and light industrial use.

There are three sizes available at WaaRec 240, 660 and 1100 Litres. Bins of all sizes can be offered for general waste, commingled recycling, and cardboard. We can tailor a collection service based on your waste quantities.

We are able to offer a 120-litre bin for food waste only.


This is the most common wheelie bin, as you will have one outside your house. These are ideal for all types of waste. If you have small amounts of waste, it is worth getting one of these bins and having it collected daily, weekly, or fortnightly.


For businesses that produce a significant amount of waste, this will be the most common type of bin to use on the premises. It is a traditional four-wheeled bin with lockable wheels and lid. It is available in several different colors to make separation of waste easier. Any type of waste can be disposed of using these bins and collections can be made according to your needs from daily to bi-weekly.


As larger four-wheeled bin, with lockable wheels and lids to ensure safety and security bins are color-coded depending on waste types (general, recycling and Cardboard) and local regulations.

Contact WaaRec to arrange a free bin and suitable collection frequencies. That’s right we said free bin, but we meant bins, as many free 1100 wheelie bins that your business requires, one for general waste? One for the cardboard? One for Commingled recycling, whatever your requirements are, we have you covered.

If you produce a lot of waste and want to reduce your collection intervals or need to be able to store an increased number of bags, the 1100 litres bin is the largest wheelie bin that WaaRec offer.

Not sure which bin sizes are right for your business

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