Commercial Waste Collection Southbank

If you are looking for a commercial waste collection and recycling service in Southbank to handle your business waste, look no further than WaaRec. We are a leading provider of waste management solution, serving households and businesses across Southbank and the surrounding suburbs for many years now.

General Waste Management Southbank

We understand the challenges you have been dealing with segregating your business’s or household’s general waste. Let our experts create a simple and cost-effective general waste management solution that is tailored for you.

Commingled Recycling Southbank

Our commingled recycling service is a feasible solution for a business that generates a high volume of recyclable items. This service allows you to dump all the recyclable waste in one bin which will be transported to a local recycling facility. Here, the recyclables are sorted out and then recycled, reducing your landfill waste.

Cardboard And Paper Recycling Southbank

Most waste from retail and office sectors consists of paper and cardboard. If you have heaps of papers and cardboard boxes that you want to get rid of, we are here to help. From collection of cardboard boxes to transporting them to the recycling unit, our waste management experts handle it all.

Document Shredding South Bank

Document destruction is the best way to ensure that a business’s sensitive documents are completely destroyed, and protected from getting to the wrong hands. We can securely shred sensitive documents like marketing plans, employee files, financial statements and bills, and also properly dispose of them.

Food & Organic Waste Collection & Recycling South Bank

Whether you are a restaurant producing one or two bins of food waste, or a large manufacturing unit that produces tons of food waste, we can provide food waste collection and recycling service that fits your business needs and your budget.

If you have any questions about our waste management service, call 1300 922 732 and talk to us today.