Commercial Waste Collection South Melbourne

WaaRec specialises in sustainable commercial waste collection and recycling service, serving businesses and households across South Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs for many years now. From waste collection to waste disposal and recycling and skip bin hire, we provide a comprehensive range of services to our customers at the best possible rates.

General Waste Management South Melbourne

WaaRec specialises in the collection and disposal of all types of general waste, including kitchen scraps, non-hazardous materials and non-recyclable plastics. We will work with you to assess the quantity of waste generated by your business or household and devise a general waste management plan, tailored to your requirements.

Commingled Recycling South Melbourne

Commingled recycling means dumping in all the recyclables into one bin. After collecting the recyclables, we will take it to a nearby recycling facility where the wastes are separated, processed and recycled. Our service prevents waste from getting into landfill and reduces your impact on the environment.

Cardboard & Paper Recycling South Melbourne

If you are looking for an efficient collection or recycling partner for your cardboard boxes, WaaRec is your answer. From end of life newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues and brochures to corrugated cardboard boxes, we will collect everything as long as they are dry and uncontaminated with oil and grease.

Document Shredding South Melbourne

Proper shredding and disposal of sensitive documents and paperwork is important for any business to avoid getting their confidential information in the wrong hands. Whether you need one-off paper destruction or regular shredding service, we offer a professional solution, matching your business’s specific needs.

Food & Organic Waste Collection & Recycling South Melbourne

If you own a business that generates a lot of food waste, we have come to your rescue. Anything from coffee grounds and tea bags to leftover lunches, we collect any organic or food waste thrown into the bin and dispose it of in an eco-friendly way.

If you have any waste that need proper disposal, call 1300 922 732 and get in touch with us today.

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